ES Sports Club

ES Volleyball Sports Club was established in 2003 in Istanbul, in order to lead the industry with innovative applications concerning the determination of youth volleyball working standards and development of new systems and raise the athletes, coaches and executives of the future as independent young people who adopt Atatürk’s principles, who are progressive, versatile and have different perspectives on life.

The Club’s goal is to provide athlete candidates with a sports culture starting with the youngest age groups; to provide coach and executive candidates with the maximum opportunities to develop themselves and others, to achieve the best rankings in all categories of activity and contribute athletes to National Teams.

Employees and Athletes

Principal coach, coach, assistant and intern coach teams are established and coach trainings are rendered regularly and continuously through innovative practices such as intern coaching system and coach performance system, which are unprecedented in other sports clubs, so that coaches of all levels are trained. Coaches trained by ES Volleyball have achieved great successes both within ES Volleyball and in different sports clubs they are transferred to.

ES Volleyball does not transfer athletes from different sports clubs at any age and category and trains all its athletes on its own. Athlete candidates identified in school screenings made locally in the region where team staff is trained are included in the team trainings from the ages 8-9 and continue their lives as “volleyball player”, or “coach” or “coordinator.” The common points of these students are the sports principles and athlete disciplines they gain from ES Volleyball.

Sportive Achievements

In a period when participation of sports clubs that join leagues, particularly in men’s sports, ES Volleyball is active both with female and male teams and achieves significant ranks both in females and males in all age groups, by attaching importance to male teams equally as female teams.

ES Volleyball, which has both female and male teams in U12, U14, U16, U18 and Senior Teams, has contributed 16 athletes in total, of which 5 are female and 11 are male, to our National Teams to date.

Volleyball youth teams achieve various rankings without losing their position within the top 8 clubs in Istanbul and top 12 clubs throughout Turkey every season. The experience of the athletes is increased by ensuring their participation in competitions within main teams while they are at ages suitable for star and young teams.


Upon purchasing its own land to construct its own sports facilities in Maltepe Dragos in 2011, ES Volleyball put the facilities into service in September 2015.

The Kovan Sports Culture Center, which is home to 3 gymnasiums, sports areas of various sizes, resting and library areas for athletes and an athlete health center, today serves children and young people between the ages of 0-18 in fields such as basketball, football, gymnastics, chess, drama and music activities, as well as robotic trainings, in addition to volleyball.

To access Kovan Sports Culture Center, you can visit


  • In order to lower the age of starting volleyball and to increase especially little boys’ interest in volleyball, as well as increasing volleyball activities at young ages;
    • Mini volleyball played between the ages 8-12 has been popularized,
    • The “Turn and Win” Volleyball game has been developed for the ages 6-9,
    • Mixed Sports School programs, a versatile training program, has been developed for boys between the ages 6-9,
    • Midi Volleyball game has been developed for the ages 11-13,
  • A database application where all kinds of details of athletes training at ES Volleyball, such as their identity information, physical measurements, physical test results, training continuation information, etc. has been developed and all athletes training at ES Volleyball have been registered. The same database also includes information specific to coaches and information specific to the use of volleyball schools. This application is a comprehensive database effort applied for the first time in a sports club as whole.


Since its foundation, ES Volleyball has been organizing volleyball festivals regularly every year, in order to introduce young people and children to volleyball, to popularize volleyball among them and make it more common. The number of festivals organized in different regions and cities between the years 2004-2016 is 24. Participation in these festivals is entirely free and all expenses of the festivals are covered by ES Volleyball.

Volleyball calendars and volleyball posters are also printed and distributed for free every year in order to make volleyball more popular and common.