ES Volleyball Athlete Contract

  • I promise that I will value the game. I promise that I will respect all coaches and players of my own club or the opponent team, the opponent team’s supporters, referees and the rules of the game.
  • I promise that I will always represent ES Volleyball in the best possible way in trainings, matches and tournaments, that I will always wear only ES Volleyball’s uniform when I represent ES Volleyball and I will never wear another sports club’s or institution’s uniform. I understand that the uniform represents my club and know that it is a great disrespect for my own club to wear a different uniform.
  • I know that one of the most important steps to being an athlete is to be disciplined and to work with discipline. I promise that I will work with discipline not just when I am doing sports, but also in my education life. I know that my life as an active athlete will end someday, no matter at what level and for how long I play sports; therefore, I promise that I will focus on my lessons and grades and be a successful student in order to have a profession.
  • I promise that I will stay away from bad habits such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs that I will pay maximum attention to my health by being extremely attentive to my nutrition and sleep schedule, that I will display behaviors befitting an athlete and live like one all the time in my daily life outside of sports halls as well.
  • I promise that I will support and encourage my teammates and will stand by them during competitions. I know that volleyball is a team game and that I will play for the team first and not for myself, regardless of whether I play in the first 6 or in the substitute team and I will support the team under all circumstances.
  • I promise that I will not compare myself with my friends and will aim to compete with only myself for my personal development. Winners are people who make the most effort, continue learning and developing, do not fear mistakes and do not let mistakes from stopping them. I promise that I will work and improve myself continuously and I will not be tired of working.
  • I promise to arrive at the trainings on time. Timely arrival at the trainings will show the respect I have for my coach and my teammates and that I care about them.
  • I promise that I will not object to the coach during the training or the match and that I will not raise problems for the team. I promise that I will share my opinions and comments only and directly with my coach and not during matches or trainings. I promise that I will avoid actions that may affect my teammates’ motivation or disrupt the order of the team. I promise that I will not make negative comments about my team, coach, my teammates and my club when I am with other people.