ES Volleyball Coach Contract

  • I promise that I will value the game. I promise that I will respect all coaches and players of my own club or the opponent team, the opponent team’s supporters, referees and the rules of the game.
  • I promise that I will always represent ES Volleyball in the best possible way during trainings, matches and tournaments and ensure that my athletes represent ES Volleyball in the best possible way as well, that I will always wear ES Volleyball’s uniform with pride.
  • I am aware that ES Volleyball executive and coach team is my own team and I promise that I will support my teammates, encourage them and support their development in all matters.
  • I promise that I will regard each athlete, coach and team wearing ES Volleyball’s uniform as a part of ES Volleyball Family and that I will not make negative comments about my team, coach, my teammates and my club when I am with other people.
  • I promise to reward and support effort, the desire to learn and learning lessons from mistakes without being discouraged.
  • Winners are people who make the most effort, continue learning and developing, do not fear mistakes and do not let mistakes from stopping them. I know that each athlete is different and is born with different capabilities; that it is wrong to compare an athlete with others while assessing their development and I measure each athlete’s development by comparing them again with themselves throughout their own development process. I promise to encourage my athletes constantly in order for them to be emotionally satisfied, because emotional support is what children playing sports need most.
  • I promise that I will consider each child in my team as future athletes, that I will take care of each of them individually and closely and I will be interested in their education in addition to their sports life as well. I know that these children will take serious lessons regarding being an athlete, winning, losing, competing with themselves and with opponents and striving persistently by standing their ground under pressure and that they will gain a lot of life experience from volleyball and therefore they will absolutely be beneficial for the club raising them, for volleyball and for their country one day, even if they do not become professional volleyball players.
  • I promise to be always in an effort to improve myself and progress continuously, to develop myself professionally, to try to keep my motivation at maximum level at all times and to work with discipline and without discouragement all the time to turn my dreams into goals and to turn my goals into reality, so that I can always advance myself, my team and my club and can set higher targets every season.