ES Volleyball Parents Contract

  • I promise to bring my child to the trainings on time. I see that arriving late may upset my child and I promise to do the best I can so that this does not happen. I promise to pick up my child after all trainings and matches on time. This will show my respect for the coach and let my child know that he/she is the most important person to me.
  • I promise to encourage my child constantly in order for him/her to be emotionally satisfied, because emotional support is what children playing sports need most. Three main reasons why children play sports: a) having fun, having a good time, b) making new friends, and c) gaining new skills. I know that matches are for players and that I should adopt a suitable, outsider’s perspective.
  • I promise to reward and support effort, the desire to learn and learning lessons from mistakes without being discouraged. Winners are people who make the most effort, continue learning and developing, do not fear mistakes and do not let mistakes from stopping them. I know that each child is different and born with different capabilities and that a real assessment should be made within my child’s own development process, not by comparison with others.
  • I promise that I will value the game. I know about the importance of setting a good example for my child. I promise that I will respect coaches, players, opponents, supporters of the other team, referees and rules of the game, no matter what others do.
  • I promise not to yell at my child or those in the team and not to tell them what to do. I understand that it is the coach’s duty to do so and that I will respect his choices. I promise that the comments I make during, before and after the game will not go beyond supporting the children emotionally.
  • I promise not to make negative comments about the coach when I’m with my child or when he/she can hear me. I am aware that such behavior may create a negative impression of his coach and sports for my child and affect him/her negatively.